rhubarb pie

Happy National PIE Day!

Saturday is National PIE Day, to help celebrate, we offer up the humble mortar & pestle.

So why the Mortar & Pestle?
If you want to eat healthy, why not skip the chemicals and preservatives and try cooking with more natural ingredients. It is said ‘The closer to how nature made it, the better’. A mortar and pestle are not just for decoration. Sure, they look cute in the kitchen but this ancient tool makes it short work to pound garlic into a paste and to crush nuts.

It’s easy to grind whole spices into powders or smash chilies, ginger, and herbs for a flavorful culinary infusion.

From apple to pizza, pies come in all varieties. My favorite is rhubarb followed closely by the all American apple pie. What’s your favorite?

Be Happy, Be Well, Be Blessed,

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