Appreciate Your Dragon Day – January 16th

Appreciate a Dragon Day is a day dedicated to learning about and sharing your love for these magically, majestic creatures.

Since the dawn of time, mankind has had a love hate relationship with the dragon. In Druid tradition the dragon represents healing and transformation. Christianity demonizes them and in many Oriental cultures dragons symbolize power, wealth and good fortune. Steeped in legend and lore, the dragon has posed as both friend and foe in fantasy novels and films. We just can’t get enough of them!

Dragons are more than a symbol of wealth and prosperity. They represent strength, courage, vitality. They symbolize life force, our ability to heal and transform. The dragon reminds us to use the powers within, to heal and better ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Dragons are our Friends!‘ My favorite dragon movie is Pete’s Dragon. What’s yours?

Celebrate Your Dragon tap into the power with our Dragon’s Blood smudge sticks.

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Do YOU believe?

No dragons were harmed in the making of this post or our sage.

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