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Start Fresh

Just when you thought the New Year festivities were over, guess again… usher in the Chinese New Year! Also known as the Spring Festival, the Chinese New Year follows the lunar cycles, so the date varies from year to year. It starts on the second new moon after the winter solstice and culminates 15 days later with the Lantern Festival on the full moon.

Good News! There is still time to sweep out the old, stagnant, unserving remnants from the past year and welcome the bountiful blessings of this New Lunar Year.

Top 4 Tips to help you Start Fresh.

Sort, Organize, and Purge, Physically Clear Your Space!
While it is comforting to be surrounded by our favorite things, stuff can accumulate quickly. Look around. Are there piles in every corner or is your view clear, open and free flowing? Stagnant energy loves to settle amongst mounds of stuff. To each there is a season. What no longer serves you or its purpose, needs to go. If you do not use it, sell or donate it. If it is broken, discard it.

Release What Burdens Your Soul
Do not carry fear or resentment into the new year. This serves only to poison you. A good exercise to rid what ails you is to write it down. Use as many pages as necessary. Let the words and emotions flow. Burn it. Light the flame with intention. Let the smoke carry it to the divine.

Energetically Cleanse Your Space
There are so many ways to cleanse the energy in your space, from crystals, to sound, to smudge. There is no one size fits all. Ask a friend to share their favorite or surf the web. Find what feels right or resonates with you. I prefer the Native American method of smudging. For a heavy-duty cleanse, I will use a Cedar smudge stick and follow it up with Sweetgrass to invite in blessings. I set my intention and ask the divine to clear this space of all that is negative, or unserving. As I walk through my space, I repeat the intention that only goodness, love and light may enter this space.

Energetically Clear and Recharge Yourself
There are as many ways to clear yourself as there are to clear your space. My favorite is to totally immerse myself in the healing waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It is no wonder why one feels so uplifted and peaceful at the beach. Salt water is cleansing for your body, your mind, and your spirit. No ocean available, no problem. Try a purifying, healing bath. Choose a time when you will not be disturbed. Draw a warm bath, add a couple of handfuls of Dead Sea Salt and/or herbs. Add several drops of your favorite essential oil or light some candles or incense. Turn on some relaxing music. Once again, set your intention. Exhale. Release all that is negative and unserving. Inhale. Breathe in the pure divine light, love and healing energy. Let your mind drift to what could be. Imagine the possibilities.

The New Year is about renewal, start fresh, and be the best that you can be.

Be Happy, Be Well, Be Blessed,

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